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Overview of Opportunity

The website you just visited is optimized in search engines for a Land Surveying Company in your area. Therefore, if you decide to lease it we will replace the current logo with Your Logo, Your Images and a tracking Phone Number on the website so that you will receive the leads for new business every day! We will even consider a redesign of the site to match your branding, if you like. Our clients recieve between 3 and 10 calls per week from the websites they lease from us! For less than the price of a single boundary survey your phone will be buzzing all month long- every month. We guarantee 6-8 per month or you don't pay!

Benefits of Leasing a Website

Aside from never having to worry about updating your website, here are just a few benefits of leasing a high ranking and well established domain and website from

We have flipped the Website Model Inside Out!

We are former land surveyors ourselves who now specialize in Search Engine Optimization. We've built over 150 land surveying websites since 2007. We also are the creators of Land Surveyors United community and Alta Land!

If you have a website which isn't getting the traffic it deserves, this one will bring you business. We only lease sites which are achieving 1st page SERP listings.

If you need help finding talented employees, our Surveyor Jobs Board will help you find qualified workers and will be integrated at no additional cost.

Our websites are optimized for your geographic area, so when the public searches for "Land Surveyors Near Me", you will be found.

As with any lease agreement, we remain the owners of the site and will continue to rank it higher and higher in the search engines and the higher it goes, the more business you get!