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Justin and J.Keith met back in 2008 during the recession. Justin-once a land surveyor- was building a support community for Professional Land Surveyors with his father in order to help those out of work find employment and field support (before the mobile revolution). Keith was a Land Surveyor and an active member of the community. Organic Search Engine Optimization is ultimately what brought the two together, both having similar observations when optimizing for the mystery, science and art known as 'land surveying.'

JBIRD #1: Justin Farrow

Webmaster, Front End Developer, Social Media Consultant, Brand Awareness - Former Land Surveyor

Justin "Jaybird" Farrow is a web artist who has primarily specialized in niche online community development for social good, social media analytics and website build outs since 2007. After earning a bachelors degree in Cultural Anthropology and a BA in Philosophy & Religious Studies from College of Charleston, Farrow continued school in Florida, becoming a Recent graduate from Patel College of Global Sustainability at University of South Florida with Masters in both Entrepreneurship and Global Sustainability/ Sustainable Tourism. Justin builds websites, apps and marketing campaigns which tap into the culture of the target audience. He also spends time educating owners of small businesses regarding ways to effectively manage online marketing in the present age.

Jaybird is a name that Justin's late father gave him as a kid. Everytime it is repeated a great man is remembered

JBIRD #2: J Kieth Maxwell

Land Surveyor, Civil Engineer, Search Engine Analyst & Writer

Keith​​ ​was forced ​into learning ​​Search Engine Optimization by the Great Recession. Turns out he's pretty good at it. He has developed more than 80 websites so far, most for Land Surveying and Engineering in Alabama and 10 other states. Achieving Front Page local ranking on Google is the main goal, TOP 3 is essential. And ALL websites have gotten to this point for many RELEVANT keywords. Knowing which keyword is RELEVANT is the key to getting that phone call to your business. Keith tracks the search engine ranking for each website and reports on that. He also tracks the calls they receive to insure clients are getting what they're paying for.